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Author Information

Review Process

The manuscript submission and peer review process breaks down as follows:

  1. The Author submits a manuscript.
  2. The Editor-in-Chief assigns a Corresponding Editor.
  3. The Corresponding Editor may assign an Associate Editor to handle the review for the paper.
  4. The Associate Editor selects Referees to review and report on the manuscript.
  5. The Referees review the manuscript.
  6. The Associate Editor makes a recommendation. The Corresponding Editor makes a decision based on the Associate Editor's recommendation and the referee reports. The author is contacted.

Submission Process

Complete instructions for preparing your manuscript and SIAM policies can be found here.

Before submitting a manuscript, please gather the following information:

  • All Author(s)
    • First and last names
    • Postal addresses
    • Work telephone numbers
    • E-mail adresses
  • Title and running title (you can copy and paste this from your manuscript)
  • Abstract (you can copy and paste this from your manuscript)
  • Manuscript file in PDF format
  • NOTE: Figures, if any, in your PDF manuscript file must be embedded "inline"
  • Contact information (e-mail address and institution) of suggested editors and/or peer reviewers, if any

After the manuscript is entered into the system, you are taken to a page that allows you to review the information entered. If anything is not correct as initially entered, you can edit it. Afterwards, you will need to click on "Approve submission." If you need help, contact siaga@siam.org.

Manuscript Status

After you approve your manuscript, you are finished the submission process. You can check the status of your manuscript via the following steps:

  1. Log into the system with your password.
  2. Click on Live Manuscripts.
  3. Click on the "Check Status" link represented by your manuscript tracking number.
This procedure will display detailed tracking information about where your paper is in the peer review process.

Original Scholarship

A large duplication of another author's or one's own work is a sign of poor scholarship. There is also a copyright issue if the source is not cited. Your manuscript should provide proper citations, use quotation marks or indentation (for quotations of five or more lines) to indicate borrowed wording, and minimize duplication. Refusal by an author to make these necessary changes is grounds for rejection.

Potentially Offensive Material

There is no general rule on what material is appropriate for publication in SIAM publications. However, if an editor believes that the use of some material (text, images, etc.) may offend SIAM readers, there will be an exchange with the authors on the need for the particular material and whether alternatives can be identified to express the same results. Unless the authors can make convincing arguments that the particular material is essential to convey the scientific contribution, it is expected that the material be replaced prior to review and further consideration for publication. For example, the "Lena image" has been used in past publications on imaging but is inconsistent with efforts to promote inclusion in mathematics, science, and engineering. SIAM will not consider submissions containing this image.

Permission for Reuse of Material

If your paper contains material (for example, tables or figures) from another source, that material must be accompanied by written permission from the copyright holder. Permission is needed in cases of alternations to the original, as well.

Supplementary Materials

SIAGA authors are encouraged to submit Supplementary Materials to complement articles. These might include additional figures or examples, animations, data sets used in the paper, computer code used to generate figures or tables, or other materials that are necessary to fully document the research contained in the paper or to facilitate the readers' ability to understand and extend the work.

Supplementary Materials are generally not refereed. However, they are available to the editor and referees to inspect. The referees will be asked to give the materials at least a cursory look and verify that they are appropriate to accompany the article. The referees or editor may suggest changes, including removing some extraneous Supplementary Materials or moving items from the main text to the Supplementary Materials.

The materials can be modified in accordance with these suggestions and resubmitted along with a revised manuscript in response to a round of refereeing.

You are also asked to submit an index of the Supplementary Materials. You should list each item along with a brief description and a justification for why the item should be included.

Full guidelines on the journal's Supplementary Materials policy are available here.

SIAM Discount on Language Editing and Translation Services

SIAM has partnered with Charlesworth Author Services to provide language editing and translation services at a discount. Charlesworth's Ph.D.-educated scientific and technical editors edit and polish academic papers, grant proposals, conference presentations, and more to enhance English-language readability. International authors may wish to use these services to improve the readability of their article prior to submission.

More information, along with availability of a 10% discount on editing service, is available by using this link. Both SIAM members and nonmembers may take advantage of the discount.

Note: This service does not replace the copyediting SIAM performs on accepted journal articles, nor does use of the service guarantee acceptance in SIAM publications or conferences.


Your references must be listed in either alphabetical order or order of citation at the end of the manuscript. The following reference styles should be used; other examples may be found in the SIAM journal style manual.

  • Journal articles (titles of journals should be abbreviated in accordance with Mathematical Reviews; abbreviations are available here):
    \bibitem{trefethen2017}{\sc L. N. Trefethen}, {\em Cubature, approximation, and isotropy in the hypercube}, SIAM Rev., 59 (2017), pp.~469--491.
  • Books, research reports:
    \bibitem{kaperrousseau2015}{\sc H. Kaper and C. Rousseau}, {\em Mathematics of Planet Earth}, SIAM, Philadelphia, 2015.
  • Paper in a bound collection:
    \bibitem{archettisperanza2014}{\sc C. Archetti and M. G. Speranza}, {\em Arc routing problems with profits}, in Arc Routing: Problems, Methods, and Applications, MOS-SIAM Ser. Optim. 20, A. Corberan and G. Laporte, eds., SIAM, Philadelphia, 2014, pp.~281--299.


All illustrations must be of professional quality with no handwritten elements. Note that tables and algorithms are not considered figures and should not be treated as such. Illustrations must be numbered consecutively and cited in the text. If your article is accepted for publication, SIAM will accept electronic (TeX, PDF, PNG, JPG, and EPS) figure files. Hand-drawn artwork will not be accepted. SIAM will not redraw figures. Illustrations must use lines one point or thicker; thinner lines may break up or disappear when printed. When choosing line weight and character size, keep in mind that illustrations may be reduced.

To ensure the optimal appearance of figures when they appear in black and white or when viewed by a reader with color blindness, consider using colors that will appear as differing shades of gray, and minimize use of yellow. Use of line markers and broken or dotted lines will also improve differentiation. Some aids in preparation of your figures are the parula colormap in MATLAB and the color blindness tests in the Proof Setup view in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


A resubmission of a manuscript previously rejected by this or another SIAM journal will be treated as a new submission, with the history of the manuscript made available to the handling editor and, if necessary, also referees. The cover letter should include a detailed description of how the manuscript has been revised to meet all the criticism of the original submission including the criticism of any referee reports. As a new submission, there is no guarantee that it will be handled by the same associate editor or that the original referees will be involved in the evaluation.

Embedded Links

PLEASE NOTE! Some email messages contain embedded links that are specific to you as the recipient. The link takes you directly to the paper that is the subject of the email. The link performs much the same function as your password, if you were logging onto the peer-review system from scratch.

Do not forward an email with an embedded link to others. If the content is something you want to share, be sure to first DELETE THE LINK. If you mistakenly forward a link, opening access to your account to someone else, the SIAM office can disable the link. E-mail siaga@siam.org for help.

A Note on Bookmarks

Many websites suggest you "bookmark" the website address so you don't need to remember the URL. This is not advised here as you may encounter problems. Instead, use the link provided in one of your e-mails (if you have received one), or type the URL into the address bar in your browser. If you use a bookmark or favorite, the login page will load correctly, but it may not let you into the site. For security reasons, each session on the system is given a different identifier. Using shortcuts like this refers to a redundant identifier from a previous session, so the system does not let you in. (Internet banks use similar tricks to keep their sites secure, which you would expect, as a customer.)

Getting Help

If you need additional help, you can click on the help signs that appear throughout the system. A help dialog will pop up with context senstive help. You can also e-mail siaga@siam.org for assistance.


You can begin the manuscript submission process by clicking on HOME below and then on the "Submit Manuscript" link on the home page. Please make sure you have gathered all the required manuscript information listed above before starting the submission process.

Please click on HOME to continue.

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